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it's so good to just sit around [Mar 13, 2006 @ 10:01pm]
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

so, it's spring break and all i do is sit around. quite nice. i feel sort of lame for doing it, but i've been studying and working non-stop for so long. ok, maybe not non-stop, but enough. i've been hanging out with elle every so often which i love. it's cool to be in a relationship with someone who's so close. anyway, aside from that, i'm just here. drop a line.


damn deadlines [Mar 5, 2006 @ 10:52pm]
[ mood | blah ]

yeah, so i did forget something. bad. it's too late now i guess, but i'm praying that it's not. deadlines mess me up. if it's not written down and in my face i totally forget it. anyway, i'll be coming down to the valley for spring break hanging out with my boy and taking pictures, something for my mom, and doing who knows what else. i wanna go to the beach one day. so outside of that, classes are good. a bit hard. i'm loving it. as well as elliott. loving that too. loving him. that is all.


something is wrong. [Mar 1, 2006 @ 5:35pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

i'm just not sure what exactly. i feel like i'm constantly forgetting something. i am okay, i promise, i just can't seem to smile truthfully today. it's almost like i scratched the winning ticket not more than a few days ago and i've misplaced it. so here i am running around all anxious like i'm never gonna find it again. that's exactly how i feel. i'm sure it's just that i put it down somewhere in the excitement of winning and placed things over it. now that i can't see it, well it just seems like it's not there. i guess i've gotta clean up.


quick update [Feb 27, 2006 @ 10:01pm]
life is a many thing right now.

chaotic. crazy. stressful. happy. random. and grand.

i heart the new kissables candy.

that is all.
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valentines and one month [Feb 17, 2006 @ 3:29pm]
i have officially had the best valentines ever. it was so cute. first i made chocolate chip pancakes for elliott and organized his room. and then he cooked vegetarian lasagna for me, wow! it was so good. and he bought candles to put around the table. so sweet.

then well, just a recap. we've been together one month. yay! so really that's all. i'm happy and that's what's up.

hmm, frat? [Feb 10, 2006 @ 10:35am]
so yeah, i may join a frat. who knows. if it's not all bitchy expensive then i'm joining. it shouldn't be too time consuming but that's my momma's main concern. it'll give me a chance to be a better time manager....so yea. everything is good. classes rock so far. i'm actually liking all of them. i have a crick in my neck. is that how you spell it? crick? well, that's my spelling anyhow, it's there. and it hurts like a mofo banging on my neck. next week will be so fun. yay for hearts and stuff. gotta go shopping. so, class is calling so i must went. bye!

quickly! [Feb 6, 2006 @ 10:24am]
so yeah. life is great. i miss talking to adri. and i only thought about that because she said she missed seeing me. adri missing me? yeah, i know. so yes. we shall have to schedule tea time together, hehe.

work is a bore and well, work. movies are so calling my name though, so i must go at some point. and then, well future movies are calling me as well. i'm so psyched about scary movies! all in march.

and elle. great. he's like that feeling you get when you put on a shirt or pair of jeans that was once a bit too tight that's loose. that you wear all day with a smile.

you and i both [Feb 2, 2006 @ 1:35pm]
[ mood | calm ]

jason mraz can work wonders. he's amazing. so yes. classes are good. homework has been easy. quizzes have been a bitch. bio lab is going to be so fun. my lab partner, pretty much permanent thing, is paul. he's cool. then today i wore my new spiffy coat, even though it's freaking hot today. everything is rad, money is flowing, studying is keeping up....and exercising? well, that was put on hold for a long while, but we're starting again today.

so elle. yes, good. two weeks or so. had a bit of a tiff. boys and their obsessions. it's good though, i've come to that conclusion. i missed CCC last night to hang out with the boy. we got to see dogs together. it was sweet. puppies are too cute.

so yeah, i think i'm getting a house for the fall. fun times commense.

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30 minute labs make my heart flutter... [Jan 26, 2006 @ 1:22pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

so i'm easily amused. get with the program. i just got done with my microbiology lab and it took all of 30 minutes with starting it 5 minutes late and talking about random crap. this is gonna rock my socks. anyway, minus the part where i wait for elliott to get out of class. so classes are good. tiring and whatnot. i'm actually thinking that my microbiology class is going to be the most fun. it's sooooo interesting says the nerd in me. i lourve it.

and elle. he deserves a separate paragraph. he's good. we're good. it's been a week and a half. so far, only one bump but that was just me being irritable and it wasn't even a fight, i talked to him about it before it became one, hah! i'm happy. fun times.

parentals are crazy right now. we're all so flustered and whatnot. hm, pray for us por favor. not that we're in a dire state, because we're not. just pray that we'll open our eyes to the opportunity of a solution.

i say good day.


amazing, for lack of a better word [Jan 24, 2006 @ 11:04am]
[ mood | touched ]

that's how this whole week has been. elle has been so amazing. we just really work. we communicate really well and have a lot in common. i don't see any really huge problems coming up, but you gotta have the occasional fight, right? we'll see what our first one will be. classes aren't that bad. professors seem to be cool, minus my nutrition class that will be a bitch to stay awake in. grades so far are A's, hehe, considering i've only taken one quiz, but still. i gotta get a fucking planner though, and start up all my binders for my classes. i'll do that this coming weekend i think. work today, should be okay. anyway, that's enough for now. i love his smile.

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ch-ch-choxie [Jan 17, 2006 @ 1:13pm]
yeah, i caved and bought chocolate from target. it's so yummy. so lots has happened. elle came into town. we hung out lots, i think i've seen him every second we were able to considering i work and then we have class, we see eachother 24/7. fun. i'm am now his girlfriend. an interesting feeling. i like it. it's not much of a change, but when i hear that word, gf or bf, it gives me a little smile in the corner of my mouth. it's cute. it's like yea, i got one of those. hehe. anyway, my english class is gonna be a bitch. i've gotta buckle down and organize. i'm so pumped for it. i've got stuff to do today.

-buy planner
-get elle some shorts and shirts
-get our batteries changed at fossil
-run or exercise
-eat some protein
-maybe buy something for myself

so that should be fun. we'll see.
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i crave organization [Jan 12, 2006 @ 4:14pm]
[ mood | full ]

so i've come to this conclusion. i feel the need to supplement the things around me. i think that's the right word. for instance, when diana lived here she was way too organized, so i felt the need for more disorganization to offset it. and now that it's just adri and me, i must be uber organized to offset her crazy chaos. it's this constant need for balance. it's odd.

i had the most fucked up exhausting dream ever last night. i had this crazy time, completely realistic. i was walking around doing all sorts of things, but i kept on asking my sisters why they were so mean to me when i was little. it was like, i would be yelling it, why!??! forever. and i kept on crying. gosh, i thought i'd gotten over it. but apparently i still resent them for it. gah, that was forever and a half ago. but it seems to feel like yesterday. blargh. i guess that's why i felt the need to be such a bitch to them. but i'm done with that. being a bitch is just too much for me these days. frankly, i'm exhausted from all this wasted energy.

so aside from that i'm psyched. about seeing elle. it'll be two more days. i think we're going for pancakes on sunday morning. mmm, i love pancakes. of course, i'm the only one i know who eats them like i do. no syrup and just a bit of butter, with my hands. yes, i'm odd, but they're oh-so-good. so i went to workout today. did two different machines and i think i'll be running tonight. should be fun. i miss my chels. anywho, enough of an update. life is going good. i'm healthy and i miss my rents. now if only i could get my checks in the mail.

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one dollar only! [Jan 11, 2006 @ 12:07am]
[ mood | happy ]

so, i did a bunch of shit today. i first got dressed all cute! i went to target and bought hair dye and batteries. i spent so much time just walking around with adri. then we went to marble slab to eat some amazing ice cream. i had amarreto with chocolate chips and then to heb to buy a few things. then to home to paint my nails and dye my hair black. then to the movies to see casanova with jenny and then to johnny carino's to get amazing food. it was all so great and then to david's to talk to elle online. all the while having so much fun. yay!

but this was really meant to be a contemplative sort of entry. every time i go to target i always pass by the dollar section. it's right in front and it has sooo much stuff for valentines day. so funny how commercial holidays are. once one is done they just pass on to the next so the anticipation for the next one is built up sooo much. i just thought to myself how exciting! i'm actually going to have a valentine this year. ya know i'm truly happy all around. i'm not sure exactly what this new semester will be like but i'll be with the most amazing person ever. of course i only know him as my best friend, but we'll soon change that. i just love that this valentines will be exciting because of my valentine not because of the holiday. like any holiday, if you spend it with the ones you care for, it's special, no matter what you do. i'm just happy that i want to be happy.

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work sucks, what's new? [Jan 7, 2006 @ 8:35pm]
so i had work from 1-8 today. sooo long. i hated it. atkins was and has been incredibly weird lately. being all mean and shit. he actually made a trash can hit the back of my foot. it's one of the worst pains ever! i hopped around a bit while he laughed. bitch. anyway. i'm losing weight and eating right, minus one meal tonight. i'm having sonic cuz i'm too damn lazy to make anything. so i can just imagine how bad my stomach is gonna feel about digesting all this stuff. i figure i can give myself one night after so much healthy eating.

so i guess life is just going really good. taking it a day at time. it's amazing what a little hard work will do. room has remained clean along with the entire apartment. and i'm organized. i know what's going on. i've gotten all my things done. i even got around to getting my new ID for txstate i was supposed to get last semester. anyway, life rocks. enough said.
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i've decided this... [Jan 5, 2006 @ 11:51am]
losing weight is sooo nice. running everyday is fun. getting a flat tummy would be so very nice. im eating so healthy it's crazy. i had some chocolate the other day but very little so i'm happy. i'm still sick though, which sucks so very much. my throat today hurts a lot. i want it to go away! oooh! today i get a huge check for my non-work. i've gotta do laundry today and i may possibly dye my hair black sometime soon. blah. i'm not sure if i want to. it's really red in certain spots and my dark dark brown roots are growing in so it's just a small section of reddish hair and then the rest is tinted slightly red. it's gross. aside from that, there is nothing to be done. i miss elliott. it's been what? like 4 or 5 days. but gah, i'm used to seeing this boy everyday! it's bad when you just take away something you see everyday. it's like withdrawal or something. eh, just one more week and then he'll be back. everyone will be back. yay for friends!

so yea. should i dye my hair? let me know.
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